Thursday, July 7, 2011

Packing: Day 2

Ugh. I hate packing. But on the plus side it usually means change, and unpacking is like Christmas, only you don't get anything that you don't want because it's already yours and you know what you have.

I am excited to be done packing, and to decorate our new place. In fact I'm excited to know what the new place looks like. Out of all the apartments we've lived in since we were married, and my single's apt at BYU-I for that matter, I didn't get to see until I moved in. I put in a request that I at least get to pick out my first house!

Other than that I completed a translation assignment today. It's a poem about the gods making people from corn. It's creepy cool though. I kind of like it. I'll try to post it later on my other blog.

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