Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am a huge Shannon Hale fan, however this attempt was like living in Utah with angry, single women over the age of 24; oh wait, I do that now. Basic story the loser in love Jane, oh what a surprise, is a thirty-something year old with a history of lame boyfriends. Luckily she has an aunt that's practically prehistoric that visits her just in time to find out that Jane has a nasty obsession with Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Again luckily the aunt dies and leaves a Mr. Darcy dream vacation to Jane. Let's keep up with the lucky theme here, she happens to have 3 weeks vacation saved up to take her, who would have guessed it, 3 week vacation. Once there she gives up her modern life to dive back into the early 1800s and all of the glories that brings. After three boring weeks and a few make out sessions with a gardener/actor; oh and an almost expulsion by the wicked owner of the resort, she leaves England making out with a real life Mr. Darcy on the air plane back to New York. Keeping with the scale this one gets a -10. Moral of this book, be desperate, awkward, never go on vacation and poof! Single women will get there unhealthy obsessions in a healthy way.

Percy Jackson, eh?

So I've now read Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and I'll have to say that it's o.k. Look I'm a fan of Greek Myth. and I like the twist, however he's not the best writer.

Percy, the main character, is this punk kid that gets kicked out all the schools he graces with his presence, and just in the nick of time it turns out that he's actually special. Whew! I thought he was just a teenager with an attitude. Ha! No, in reality it's a fair read. I have hopes; not high ones, but hope for the rest of the series.

Going back to the writing style, he's an average writer with an o.k. story. I did dig the few moments of originality, but I would like to see some more originality Rick Riordan. Even kids don't want to see what's coming. I felt like every other page I knew that someone a punk teenager kid would never talk to in the first place was going to turn out to be a death threat for the kid. So on a scale of Harry Potter 10 and Collapse -15 I'll give it a 4.