Friday, June 24, 2011

Report on our adventures from yesterday

Well the Jones consider Hollywood to be pretty ghetto, but we're glad that we at least know now. As we walked down Hollywood blvd we saw a man playing the empty soy sauce buckets, a girl wearing a box with an angry face drawn on and "Pixar" written in scratchy letters about chest level, a very nice aspiring rapper who didn't know where Provo, UT was but wanted a "donation" and a handful of people dressed up as various movie characters. But that was it. Cory and I voted the bucket playing man the winner of the Hollywood "Most Interesting" award. Congratulations bucket man!

Out of the dozens upon dozens of stars that have been claimed by names, we knew about 12 of them. Amongst them was Big Bird, Dolly Parton, and Bill Cosby. So I here issue an apology to all the names of stars we walked over without the smallest appreciation for their fame.

Following Hollywood we checked out Venice beach. Jordyn absolutely hated the beach. We let the wave cover her feet, and she screamed. I supposed after considering her size that those big waves could be intimidating, so I tried the sand only to fail again. She clung to me like white on rice. Cory and I enjoyed the beach, but not the sand that follows you home afterward.

Today I have a full day of school, but Cory and Jordyn are checking out the Santa Monica Pier, so I'll have to let you know what they thought of that.


  1. I love your writing style April. You make me laugh! Hope you are doing well! Good luck in Missouri (that's where you're going right?) Anyways I want to stay updated on any writing you publish!!!

  2. Aw, thanks Corey. Once I get my drafts into a some what workable story I'll send them your way. I'd love your feedback on them!