Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today Cory and I sat down to plan out the next 5 weeks of our life, and as stupid as it sounds, I just realized that we're really moving. We only have a number of days left in good ole' Provo before we're gone forever. The wonderful jello belt has been my home since June of 2005, and 6 years later I'm a little sad to leave it. I'm sure that we'll love St. Louis, and I'm sure that we'll make friends in no time, but still I'm a little sad to leave all that has finally become familiar.

Isn't it funny how we excited we get for change until it actually happens? It was the same thing when I moved to Idaho. I was so excited to leave TN and move to a place that had a ton of members, and then when I drove out of TN I cried like a baby for days. I'll miss Idaho, and all of the cute farmers and their cows. I'll miss all of the good friends that I've made out here, and won't be able to see nearly as often as I have.

Well, St. Louis here we come!

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