Friday, September 16, 2011

Homework Frenzy

So my homework was due yesterday. Like wach month I was writing like crazy to get everything finished up, only this time it was way last minute when I finished. But writing like crazy finally got me out of my weird writing funk. The weird writing funk was probably part of the problem when it cam eto everything being super last minute, but hey it got done.

So on another note Jordyn is cuter than ever. She's 10 months and full of fun. Everything is an adventure to her. There is not crack to small or object to bug. She's fasinated by everything. I love how excited she gets about just crawling around revisiting things she's already seen. Motherhood isn't glamerous, but it's fun. Staying at home with Jordyn is a mixture of feelings for me. I love spending my days with the bright, beautiful girl;but staying at home isn't always my favorite thing. My days run together because it is easier to be distracted by life rather than living it. I'm working on my commitment to a better life rather than an easy one, but it's gonna take trial and error.

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