Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am a huge Shannon Hale fan, however this attempt was like living in Utah with angry, single women over the age of 24; oh wait, I do that now. Basic story the loser in love Jane, oh what a surprise, is a thirty-something year old with a history of lame boyfriends. Luckily she has an aunt that's practically prehistoric that visits her just in time to find out that Jane has a nasty obsession with Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Again luckily the aunt dies and leaves a Mr. Darcy dream vacation to Jane. Let's keep up with the lucky theme here, she happens to have 3 weeks vacation saved up to take her, who would have guessed it, 3 week vacation. Once there she gives up her modern life to dive back into the early 1800s and all of the glories that brings. After three boring weeks and a few make out sessions with a gardener/actor; oh and an almost expulsion by the wicked owner of the resort, she leaves England making out with a real life Mr. Darcy on the air plane back to New York. Keeping with the scale this one gets a -10. Moral of this book, be desperate, awkward, never go on vacation and poof! Single women will get there unhealthy obsessions in a healthy way.

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